Article in English Daimyocho Street

Daimyocho-dori street was a way to come up to the castle from Ote-mon, i.e. the main gate through San-no-maru, the third site. Along it were standing the houses of high class vassals.
Their houses, which had large gardens with it, must have to be surrounded by trees and tall mud-walls with tile-rooves. The trees and the walls hinder looking over the castle.
And the street ran obliquely wastwards against the castle. Thus people walking Daimyocho-dori could not see the main tower-complex.
Such a allocation of the street and the vassals' houses was formed from the view point of military defence.
The street was, so to speak, a boulevard. But such a significance has weakend its position in the modern city.
Along it the parts keeping the traditional townscape and the modern buildings of the banks or the big corporations are mixed in rambling confusion.
But the rows of the lime-trees combine such incoherent pieces into a street-view.





Article in English Miscellaneous View of Daimyocho-dori

Daimyocho-dori street has had such a high status that they have not maintained the traditional townscape or change throughly it into the modern one.
As a result the situation gives it a complicated impression as a whole. That is interesting.
On the eastside of the street are standing the contemporary buildings of banks and big corporations, for example a big telecommunication company. On the westside are standing a Soba restaurants, a Japanese confectionary and an old-book shop, or so. So to speak shops of the traditional business.
Such a condition is a keynote. On each side their counterparts are cuting in them.
I feel that the impression of miscellany injures slightly a total image of the town as a top-boulvard.
I would recommend to look out the traditional views suitable to the biggest town down the famous castle. Then you would find the shop-houses. The house of an old-book shop looks like a castle-tower. A Japanese confectionary, a Soba restaurant and a Katsobushi shop give us a nice impression.
My estimation about Daimyocho-dori would be rather severe, because it is the main boulevard from Otemon to the castle.


















  • お城の近隣の文化財を案内
  • 街あるきに役立つ


  • 取材制作中。


  • 江戸時代の縄張りを図示
  • 堀の配置がよくわかる



  • 街並み景観、風物
  • 木曾路・奈良井散策






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